…Would you watch this movie?

Keep in mind that this is two years old, but…

…it’s actually kind of funny, if only because Dora the Explorer WILL EAT YOUR MIND AND YOUR SOUL if you let it.


So the normal “destroying a childhood icon” argument against doesn’t really work; I would cheerfully deconstruct this one myself. With a bucket of gasoline and a Zippo, if that’s what it took.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s not that I hate the show, per se: it’s that it’s really hard to banish from my head, once it’s in there.

2 thoughts on “…Would you watch this movie?”

  1. I’ll put it this way .. Maraka (SNL skit of slightly older vintage that I can’t go look for on YouTube because job discourages YouTube) gives Dora the pail-of-kerosene-and-a-kitchen-match treatment.
    This video is .. less of an in-your-face assault, more of a sauna than flaming hydrocarbons. It almost seems to have a fondness for the original material.

    1. I prefer College Humor’s Condistadora the Explorer over both of them. Feels more like a consistent episode of a children’s program I have not watched.

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