But, Charlie Crist: you WERE chickensh*t for avoiding Bush in 2006. [profanity warning]

This is a simple truth, even if Karl Rove* said it.

The Tampa Bay Times got an early copy and apparently it contains some juicy stuff, including an anecdote about Karl Rove calling the then GOP gubernatorial candidate “chickenshit” for skipping a 2006 rally for George W. Bush.

We’re guessing Charlie’s hoping “Chickenshit Crist” doesn’t catch on as a nickname.

Given that “Chickenshit Charlie” would roll off of the tongue better? Maybe, maybe not.

But never mind that now; the real point here is that Charlie Crist was chickenshit when he avoided Bush, and he was chickenshit when Crist cozied up to Barack Obama in 2009, and Crist is going to be chickenshit all throughout the next year as he avoids Barack Obama (more accurately, Obama’s bad poll numbers) like the veritable plague.  Oh, it’s going to just get better as an election cycle, ya, you betcha. I don’t know if there’s a politician loathed more by his former party than Charlie Crist is.  Largely because he is pretty much chickenshit.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, I know.  FAR too profane to put on RedState.  Sorry, but ‘chickenshit’ is pretty much the perfect word to describe the man.

*I don’t hate Rove, particularly. Or even dislike him, particularly. Just thought I’d share.

7 thoughts on “But, Charlie Crist: you WERE chickensh*t for avoiding Bush in 2006. [profanity warning]”

  1. I still can’t believe that he’s actually running. Charlie Crist can’t run on his record, because he’s already running away from it completely. Also, he pretty much has to admit that he’s a lier in order to convince everyone he was always a Democrat. Republicans hate him, for abandoning the party. Democrats either don’t trust him or like him for a number of reasons, even if they don’t come out and say it.
    How does this man win?

    1. Same way Hillary does, Gator.
      Low Information Voters who associate “good times” with “Clinton era” or “Crist era”.
      Much as it may piss some people off, the founding fathers had good reasons for limiting the franchise. The karmic chickens of ignoring that wisdom are home, and crapping all over.

  2. I firmly dislike Karl Rove.
    The reason is a difference of opinion about the purpose of the Republican Party.
    I think the Republican Party exists to shrink the size and scope of the federal government.
    Mr. Rove thinks the Republican party exists to get Republican politicians elected.
    As such, Mr. Rove seems to believe that the best place for a Republican politician to stand on policy, is fractionally to the Right of the Democrat he’s running against.
    I see that as smart tactics, but self-defeating strategy.

  3. Given that “Chickenshit Charlie” would roll off of the tongue better? Maybe, maybe not.
    “Charlie Chicken” works the best. The speaker doesn’t have to add the missing syllable, since the autocomplete function in the listener’s head will do that.

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