Romney guy Michael Leavett compares #obamacare rollout to driving uphill in snowstorm.

OK, that’s an adequate enough metaphor.  But then he said this:

Think about it like a big snowstorm, and you’re trying to drive a car uphill. The most important thing is to keep momentum and keep it out of the ditch.

No, the most important thing is to ask yourself, Should I be driving this car uphill? – Because it’s rare that the answer is YES! Usually it’s No, but you don’t want to admit that you made a poor life choice earlier and so now you want to bull through somehow.

…And so it is with Obamacare. If the administration had more – or any – moral courage it’d stop trying to slam the wall and instead disengage, fall back, and try to figure out how to make something out of this unholy mess work right.  Naturally, the administration is instead going to keep driving up the snowy road; and if you think that they can manage that trick… well.  I gotta ask: why do you think that? They haven’t been competent at anything else involving Obamacare, to date…


Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “Romney guy Michael Leavett compares #obamacare rollout to driving uphill in snowstorm.”

  1. Why? Liberals believe they can succeed where others have failed because the reason it always fails when other people do it is because other people “don’t do it right”. Implying,of course, that only American Liberals are smart enough to do it right.
    (Told to me by an American Liberal)

    1. But this time will be different!
      Holy Progress demands it!
      The Doctrine of Historical Inevitability is true!
      Against all available evidence!
      I much prefer zealots who acknowledge their faith, rather than loudly claiming to be “pragmatists”.

  2. Eh. I’ve got a Toyota 4×4 with a V-8. Hills don’t scare me, even in a blizzard, because I know I’ve got the right gear and the right experience – grew up driving in Chicago’s crappy winter weather.
    Hawaiian-born President Choomy, on the other paw, is a damned fool and won’t just end up in the ditch, he’ll force others in as he spins across their lanes.

  3. I’ve driven uphill during snowstorms when I lived in a very rural area (Lassen County CA) and needed to get from one place to another. The difference is that Obamacare is not a destination anyone needed to get to…

    1. Don’t you see The ditch can be a destination. There’s an old joke about a city person traveling out to the country and runs into some folks target shooting on the side of the barn. He was looking at small circles with a bullet hole in the dead center of each shot. He remarked how well their shots were and would like to witness their talent. So during the next round of shots he asked where the targets were. Then, a little boy comes out from the side with a marker and proceeds to circle each one of the shots.

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