Well, Terry McAuliffe took office. Over/under on first corruption probe?

I’m an optimist: I figure Terry is going to be able to keep his cronies from raiding the treasury for at least 9 months. And it should take his people at least another three months to get caught.  So, not in time for the Senate election, so maybe I’m being a pessimist instead.

More via Hot Air; you’ll note that nobody is really raising huzzahs about this guy being in office.  Maybe it’s the cloud of anticipatory dread.  Maybe it’s the fact that Medicaid expansion is likely to be as popular in Virginia as renaming the state “South Delaware.”  Maybe it’s just that it’s Terry Freaking McAuliffe and the Democrats themselves are kind of wondering just what he’s supposed to do (besides raiding the treasury, of course).  Fortunately, it’s not my state, and not my political party, so not really my problem.

Have a nice day, Virginia!  Don’t blame me, I tried to get the other guy in.

Moe Lane

PS: Do you like Hillary Clinton, Virginia? …[interrupting] Doesn’t matter whether you like her or not; she’s gonna be around between now and 2016.  She’s gonna be around a lot. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Well, Terry McAuliffe took office. Over/under on first corruption probe?”

  1. Virginia deserves all of the butthurt T-Mac will give them.
    Question is when will T-Mac get caught. I’m hoping a couple of NOVA Dems retire ( Toddy Puller, and Dave Marsden to be exact) and the GOP runs strong candidates in their districts in 2015 AND T-mac get’s investigated in the middle of the election. Possibly indicted.

    1. sadly, that doesn’t mean Moe’s time table is wrong .. they may get caught faster, but they also may be stupid enough to not start on day one …

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