You know, I don’t really mind if Sean Penn destroys his guns.

I suspect that we might all feel safer if Sean Penn, specifically, does* – and if you don’t feel comfortable around guns, by all means: don’t have one.  But this passage about the likely person who convinced him to do this (Charlize Theron) raised an eyebrow:

South Africa born and raised Charlize was 17 when her mother allegedly shot and killed her father after he threatened to take the actress’ life during an alcohol-influenced rant.

And that is somehow… worse than letting Charlize Theron get attacked, maybe killed? I mean, sure, it’s no small thing to kill a man; but drunkenly threatening to murder the child of an armed woman is what I would personally call a poor life choice.

Ah, Hollywood.  Always earnestly learning the wrong blipping lesson.

Moe Lane

*The man has anger issues.  :significant look:

7 thoughts on “You know, I don’t really mind if Sean Penn destroys his guns.”

  1. So Charlize thinks that it would have been better if her father carried out that threat.
    Gun control advocates puzzle me.

    1. Ashley Judd tends to bemoaned the fact that her ancestors were not able to abort some or all of her family tree. She seems never to realize that that might mean her mother or herself.

  2. Does Mr. Penn own any unique/rare firearms? He has the money, but doesn’t strike me as a collector-type…
    If so, then .. I will mourn their artistic loss, just as I mourned the buddhas the taliban blew up… Right of ownership is right to destroy, even if the reasons are highly religious/suspect.

  3. She adopted a child didn’t she. I don’t understand why as a parent she can’t understand this. When this people come out as loons it makes it so I can’t enjoy their work. I could go see the movie, but hate it because of their views. It is really getting hard to find stuff to do.

  4. How does Sean Penn own firearms wasn’t he convicted of assault at one point and did jail time for the assault? That with his known anger management issues should preclude him from firearm ownership.

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