*Six* secret Jesuit spies for the Pope.

As in, the New York Times thinks that there are only six Jesuits spying internally for their Jesuit pope.

How utterly droll.


Not to mention provincial, but then the NYT has always been less sophisticated than it thinks that it is.

Moe Lane

PS: Mind you, the suggestion that there are only three more is disinformation, too.

PPS: Q: How many Jesuits are spies for Pope Francis I? A: Yes.

PPPS: I’m Catholic; I’m allowed to jape about the Jesuits. Besides, I don’t mind that they’re an open secret conspiracy of Machiavellian monks; I’m just upset that they don’t have a sweet martial art. Tell me you wouldn’t watch a movie about a squad of kick-ass Jesuit ninja* fighting demons. Tell me. Burton could direct.

*Jesuits have lay brothers, note. Most Catholic orders do (the female orders have lay sisters, of course).

3 thoughts on “*Six* secret Jesuit spies for the Pope.”

  1. I went to a Jesuit high school; best education I ever had, and I’m convinced they were all ninjas. They simply had no need to show *us* their powers.

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