Tom Daschle declares that too much sunlight burns, and this is true…

…if you are a vampire*.


Or a notorious former lobbyist and current lawyer for a prominent law firm linked to lobbying – no, wait, that last bit is actually a little unfair to lobbying firms**. For all I know DLA Piper is not particularly horrible, at all.  But it says a lot about the power elite in the Democratic party that one of its former leaders thinks that it’s safe to utter the phrase ‘almost too much transparency’ in public.

Gah, but This Town can make your teeth ache…

Moe Lane

*Don’t be pedantic.  It’s a zinger, not a comprehensive assessment of high-risk groups for ultraviolet radiation damage.

**But not particularly unfair to Tom Daschle.

One thought on “Tom Daschle declares that too much sunlight burns, and this is true…”

  1. What amazes isn’t that Daschle thinks he can say this .. no, that actually is kind of amazing.
    What *also* amazes, in this situation, is that Congress so often lets the Executive Branch operate in such a relatively dark cave…
    If sunlight burns, then *aim it at the other branch!*
    (yes, there are three branches, but the judicial is operating – relatively – on top of a Phoenix parking deck on a sunny June day.. with the exception of the FISA court which is over in that closed stairwell)

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