Not Ready For Prime Time Watch: Alison Grimes campaign compares Mitch McConnell campaign to Nazis.

Seriously, don’t they have anybody over there who can play this game?

“It reminded me of the feeling our troops must have had when they liberated the European nations after World War II,” state representative Greg Stumbo said at an event for McConnell’s Democratic challenger, Kentucky’s secretary of state Alison Lundergan Grimes. “Can you imagine what it felt like that you were liberating a country?”

“Well, you’re about to liberate your state from the worst reign of misabuse that we’ve seen in the last 30 years,” he added.

More via Hot Air, which notes that state Rep. Stumbo is politically pig-ignorant as well as historically so (and rather vile about it, too*); Senator McConnell’s power comes from being a facilitator between the state of Kentucky and the federal government.  He is not an actual ruler or anything. Of course, admitting to objective reality wouldn’t be as much fun for the Democrats then, huh?

Well, I suppose that we should all be grateful that at least the Democrats didn’t go all racist about Sen. McConnell’s wife.  This time.

Moe Lane

*I understand that many people reading this despise Mitch McConnell; but that merely means that we have to be extra careful not to let the Left get away with hate speech. To quote the classics:


  • acat says:

    I am conflicted by this story. On one paw, I have no positive feelings at all toward McConnell; on the other paw, these Democrats are flippin’ *nuts*.
    Fortunately, being a cat, I have a third paw, and shall use it to politely wave a middle claw at both parties and let Kentuckians sort the matter out for themselves.

  • Darin_H says:

    He should get with that “final solution” guy from the other post.

  • Brian Swisher says:

    Misabuse? Does that mean that the abuse is being done wrong?

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