An invitation to everybody who gave money to @barackobama because of #FISA.

Give me the money instead. No, really:


I promise, I’ll just spend it on role-playing games and video games and maybe funny T-shirts. Sure, that means that you’ll be throwing your money away: but at least you won’t be throwing it away on somebody who will then turn around and sh*t on your face when it comes to domestic data trawling. And clearly you people on the Activist Left can’t figure out a smart way to fund your anti-FISA crusade, so all y’all might as well give up and give it to somebody who at least won’t keep doing the Bad Thing to you.

I’d ask if you had any better ideas, except that we all know: no. No, you don’t.

Moe Lane

PS: Actually, everybody in the government has this level of contempt and scorn for the anti-FISA Left*. I’m just willing to display it in public. Because I’m a people person**.

*The anti-FISA Right is perfectly welcome to support Senator Rand Paul on this. Seriously. I don’t think that he’ll take their money, and give them nothing back.

**Classical reference.