Saddleback Leather has impressed me professionally with this video.

I have a certain professional interest in people who can say F*ck you and the horse you rode in, Sparky in an effective manner – and Saddleback Leather’s Dave Munson has done one of the better examples of the genre here. It’s ostensibly about how to create a knock-off of one of his leather briefcases:

…but it’s really about how Dave Munson and his company know more about leather-working than all of the people making fakes of his stuff.  Combined. And I’ll tell you this right now: after watching the video… if I had the money I’d spend the extra four hundred bucks to get this.

…and since I don’t particularly have the money I’ll just keep using a serviceable obvious synthetic bag instead of a faked leather one. It’ll fall apart at about the same rate, and it’ll only cost me twenty bucks.

Via… I think somebody on Twitter, sorry. My bad.

Moe Lane