This @Coelasquid comic reminds me of a Manly Wade Wellman short-short.

Specifically: this Manly Guys Doing Manly Things comic reminds me of MWW’s “Blue Monkey.” I certainly hope that Kelly Turnbull understands that that’s a pretty nice compliment, by my standards…

Moe Lane

PS: What’s that? You’ve never read Manly Wade Wellman’s John the Balladeer (Appalachian folk-magic*) stories and books?  Why, you lucky so-and-so: Baen has a collection of the short stories available.  For FREE.  I had to join a science fiction book-of-the-month club that it took me a year to extricate myself from, just to get that book.  True, it was worth it, but still: technology does have its points.

*And I don’t mean light-and-fluffy folk, either. Wellman didn’t write gore or cosmic horror, but you messed with the supernatural at your peril in the John the Balladeer stories.