Quote of the Day …Yes, Joe Biden Is Running For President edition.

And he’s going to be a vicious little weasel about it, too.

“John [Kerry], thank you for your passion and perseverance and the incredible, incredible energy you’ve shown in representing American interests around the world,” Biden said. “I have been here for — I have to admit — for eight presidents, and I have never seen a man or a woman with as much energy and commitment that you have shown. John, we thank you for that.”

Bolding mine, because I enjoy making trouble.  Your move, Hillary Clinton.

Moe Lane

PS: As my wife notes… no, this is subtle.  For Joe Biden, at least.

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day …Yes, Joe Biden Is Running For President edition.”

  1. Wow. Praising the {excrement}-filled silk stocking to the detriment of Ms. PUMA Clinton… That’s ..
    Yeah, he’s running, and I need more popcorn!

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