I believe that the answer to that ‘unlock your iPad’ question is 1127.

(Via Facebook) I understand the principle


…but the student probably just borrowed somebody’s iPhone and typed “(24((45*45)/(26+19)))+47)” into Google. Which admittedly may be in reality less obvious a solution than it looks to me, but you underestimate the ability of kids to use technology at your peril.

Moe Lane

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  • MichaelN21209 says:

    If they understand “order of operations” well enough to turn that note into your string, they’ve got the basic idea of math class at a sixth-grade level.

  • Brian Swisher says:

    They don’t even need to go that far…at a glance, (45*45)/(26+19) reduces to…45.

    • Lady Penguin says:

      Said the person who obviously could figure out all the math sequence patterns (what number follows…) without a second thought. 🙂 Me, well I managed it using the order of operations.

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