“Battle of The Damned” trailer.

Via Constant Reader BigGator5, try to guess the moment in this trailer when my interest was piqued.

No, really.


11 thoughts on ““Battle of The Damned” trailer.”

  1. I was like, “yeah, the blast to the zombie face” but then “ROBOTS!!!!!”
    So, the robots part then.

  2. So basically they are micro targeting this movie to the readers of this site…..yeah, okay I’m sold. The only thing missing was Dolph threatening to break someone.

  3. I’m guessing right about 1:18 when the first robot shows up. For Me my interest was piqued when I realized it was Dolph (always been a fan) then it went away when Zombies happened, then it came back for robots. I might have to see this. I really don’t care for zombie movies except Shaun of the Dead and Cemetery Man.

      1. Heh. Didn’t notice that. Besides, Romney would have either gone himself*, or hired a squad of guys, or both.

        Moe Lane

        *In retrospect, one of the single most infuriating things about 2012 was that you had to pry personal Crowning Moments of Awesome stories out of Team Romney.

  4. I would of guessed the Dolph on a motorcycle tomahawking zombies in the neck ’til I got to “Is Robots”…

    Then it became apparent.

    By the by, robot cussin’ is weird cussin’.

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