I see that Philippe Reines is still being unhelpful for Team Hillary. @katherinemiller

If you only looked at this Tweet (which started off as a reference to the remarkable piece of news that Hillary Clinton has not driven a car for almost half my lifetime)…


…you might just that it was just a good-natured admission by Team Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines that, yeah, it’s a little goofy that their candidate has been driven everywhere since 1996. But you have to read the post. Reines comes across as, frankly, unprofessional – and, may I add? As I understand the modern Left it is an article of faith among them that men in a position of power should take particular care to not appear dismissive, condescending, and/or derogatory when answering critical questions from women. I mention this largely because Reines utterly ignored said article of faith when responding to Katherine Miller.

Amazing how this happens, even today. Ironically, many people on the Left would have used Reines’ outburst as a reason why to support Hillary Clinton as the first female President, if only she hadn’t been the one who had hired the guy…

Moe Lane

PS: It takes a special gift to be on a lower plane of maturity than Gawker, but somehow this winner seems to have managed it.

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  1. Where is Katie Couric to ask Hillary what newspapers she reads?
    Perhaps Hillary missed a few months of news articles or State Department reports which might have clued her in on the vulnerability of her Ambassador and staff at Benghazi.

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