Tweet of the Day, In Fairness The Democratic WI-GOV Candidate Has Enough Troubles Already edition.

Going up against The Honey Badger King* is hard enough as it is without having to add excess baggage:

Mind you, I wouldn’t do that either.  Assuming I was dumb enough to try to run for governor in Wisconsin as a Democrat this year, of course.

Moe Lane

*By the way: the attempt by the Journal-Sentinel to turn this Wisconsin governor’s poll into anything except worsening news for the Democrats amuses.  Summary: Scott Walker gets 49% approval in a poll of registered voters and a six point lead (47/41) against Mary Burke; couple that with a 54% ‘right-track’ result and it was a good polling day for Walker.


  • Jack_Savage says:

    Honey Badger takes what he wants.

  • BigGator5 says:

    The Honey Badger King, sits a top his Throne Of Skulls and is amused by Burke The Lesser.

    • acat says:

      Kind of want to see if Walker incorporates any of the “throne of skulls” imagery into the campaign.
      It should be unmistakable, but easy to miss…

  • midwestconservative says:

    Also I wouldn’t be surprised if the poll was slanted towards Democrats. Every poll so far had Walker’s approvals higher then 50.

  • Herp McDerp says:

    The Journal-Sentinel reports the results of the poll:
    “In a matchup between the candidates, Mary Burke came in second, while Scott Walker was next to dead last!”

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