Joe Biden doing his Clown Show routine during State of the Union.

So, yesterday there was an animated gif going around that showed Joe Biden being the most Joe Biden that Joe Biden could possibly be…

…but I told myself that it wasn’t real.

Nope. It’s real.


…and words fail me.

Moe Lane

PS: No, words do not. This sort of thing won’t win Joe Biden the 2016 election. But this sort of thing could very well win him the Presidential nomination. Yes, yes, I know, I know: Hillary has it locked up for real this time. Still.

10 thoughts on “Joe Biden doing his Clown Show routine during State of the Union.”

  1. Joe gets to add to his name! Joe “Plugs” “Clown shoes” Biden! It’s a triumph!
    (and yeah, goofin’ for the camera makes him seem more .. average-Joe? .. than Hillary’s ice-queen routine. You could see how going for a beer with Joe might be fun, in the same way going for a beer with Bubba Clinton could be fun.
    Hillary “Frosty” Rodham-Clinton? No.

  2. It’s real I remember seeing it while watching the rerun of the speech with sound off. I lost the ability to be able to listen to O’bama some time ago, and the expressions on the faces told me everything I needed to know.

    1. Biden was carefully selected for the job, remember .. he was to bring “gravitas”.
      I do not think it means what Biden thinks it means…

  3. Biden is a leader in this case…showing the appropriate respect and attention to show his boss.

  4. One of Obama’s closest allies doesn’t take him seriously, and has no trouble flouting this fact in public, in the middle of Obama’s highest-profile public address of the year.
    Popcorn is definitely called for.
    (It’s not an isolated event. One of my friends is a liberal-in-good-standing, is black, and a union organizer. Yesterday, apropos of nothing, he uncorked a rant about TFG that sounded like it might have come from me! You could have knocked me over with a feather.)

    1. TFG= the freaking government?????
      think so.
      at first I was trying to tie it to Biden: The Foolish Guy

  5. Joe Biden made this the most memorable SOTU address since the “Axis of Evil” Speech Andrea Mitchell keeps going on about.

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