Walp, they’re starting up Mass Effect 4.

No Shepard, but we knew that already.

Not much is known about the next Mass Effect game other than that the fourth entry of the popular Bioware franchise will introduce a new protagonist since the Commander Shepard trilogy has ended. Production of the new title, however, has now become to become more involved after the developer began working on motion capture recording for the next game. According to a report by Gameranx on Jan 31, Bioware Cinematic Director Ken Thain revealed that the initial motion capture work for the next Mass Effect title started on Wednesday.

After all, we all saw her die*.

Moe Lane

PS: Personally, I’d enjoy the hell out of playing out the war with the Turians. Although that might not be dramatic enough.


*I understand that some people – the ones that decided to kill EDI and the geth – got this one little scene at the very end that gives the cruel hope that their Shepard might have made it through, somehow. …Just too high a price for me, sorry.

4 thoughts on “Walp, they’re starting up Mass Effect 4.”

      1. My Shepard would choose Synthesis. Control is purely the Illusive Man’s ending and Destroy is purely Anderson’s ending. My Shepard is about bringing people together and what better way to do that by making everyone equal?
        That’s just my opinion. There’s no wrong answer honestly.

    1. My ending was Shepard and Anderson, on the Citadel, bleeding out, and watching the world burn.
      It was perfect.
      The hallucinations that followed were strictly from blood loss, and were both regrettable and unnecessary.

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