9 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Or Maybe Nachos, @Jcpenny? How About Wings? You Want Some Wings? edition”

        1. I wove this widdew doggy!
          Whose a good boy?
          Hey, I suffered through XL. I get to ENJOY this one.

  1. I have thought about it, and I still don’t get it! Is it a pop culture thing? Because if it is, I won’t understand even if it is explained to me….. :/

        1. I don’t see any tags. I’m not aware of pot causing typos and bad spelling (at least not directly). IDK, it just ain’t funny to me. Or even all that clever……

  2. AlpacaPatrol ran “Super Blood Bowl” tonight — an auto-run of the two teams through the “Blood Bowl” game. Sounds like his results were, if a little bloody, accurate.

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