Quote of the Day, I’ve Seen This Argument Before edition.

Heck, I’ve made this argument before, although I don’t remember if I ever did publicly. Mark Thiessen:

Americans have lost confidence not only in Obama’s competence but also in the competence of the federal government. And therein lies the great, unintended conservative achievement of the Obama presidency: Barack Obama has done more to discredit the cause of big government than a thousand Reagan speeches ever did.

This is one reason, by the way, that I take with a grain of salt most assertions that the President has a Secret Plan to radically change the country: based on the clown show that I’ve been watching for the last five years, we’d be a good deal safer if Obama did.  The real problem with Barack Obama is that he’s at his most dangerous when he’s trying his best.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane


7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, I’ve Seen This Argument Before edition.”

  1. Oh, I think he and his Alinskyite allies have a long-term plan in mind, but it’s incremental — small, irreversible (they hope) steps. Lucky for us, they turned out to be incompetent when given the chance.

    1. Evil will oft doth evil mar, Phineas?
      In their rush to be “transformational”, but lacking any real experience at pulling levers of power, their own incompetent bumblings have done more to damage themselves than a hundred Newt Gingrich clones could have.. and given long enough, they will tear themselves apart.
      Of course, we’ll be caught in the machinery along with them, which does kind of suck… but if Jimmy Carter proved nothing else, it’s that the scars from a major mugging are remembered for a long time.

        1. IIRC it was JRR. He had a way with words, and understood the matter of Evil.

  2. I have always thought that O’bama would turn out to be a major disaster for the Democrats. I haven’t seen anything to dissuade me from that opinion.

  3. Obama seems to believe in Lenin’s adage “The worse, the better.” He’s been successful at making things worse, with the intention of sweeping away the old to make way for building the new Glorious Progressive Future. Trouble is, he’s never been successful at building anything in his life, and even if he could set up his Progressive Paradise the damned thing wouldn’t work.

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