…Yeah, Scott Brown is running for Senate in New Hampshire.

I don’t know anything officially, nor have I been told anything in confidence.  But this isn’t my first cotillion, and I know how the dance moves go.  This is a statement made by a guy who is planning to run…

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s plan to make Granite Staters pay more to keep their doctors and maintain access to their hospitals is “sad,” former U.S. Senator Scott Brown tells NH Journal exclusively today. Brown is considering a run against Shaheen in 2014.

“Her [Shaheen’s] so called ‘fix,’ shows how out of touch she is with the people of NH and this country,” Brown told NH Journal. “People are already paying a tremendous amount for their plans and her votes have denied them the ability to stick with the doctors, hospitals and plans they love. That is always the answer from the DC crowd, pay more. Sad.”

…and it is a statement made by a guy who wants you to remember why he was elected Senator in Massachusetts in the first place.

8 thoughts on “…Yeah, Scott Brown is running for Senate in New Hampshire.”

  1. Judging by the volume of emails I’ve been getting with his name on it over the past few days, I’d agree.

    1. Is Scott “Pudding” Brown the most conservative candidate who can win in New Hampshire?

      1. I would hope not.
        That said, my exposure to the state is pretty much limited to reading P.J. O’Rourke’s descriptions.

      2. My reservations fall on him being slimmed as a carpetbagger, then losing the seat. It’s a legitimate attack and I am not sure how you fight that charge.
        If Scott Brown can overcome that and get elected, he’s a smarter man than me.

        1. Meh. Hillary Clinton was a carpetbagger – she had zero affiliation with the State of New York when she decided she wanted to be a senator from an “important” state. At least Brown lives next door.

        2. It can be overcome.
          Not easily, but it can be. He has to have a “local boy” story – which he does – and he has to show a good command of local issues.

      3. No, far from it, but both Sununu brothers and Frank Guinta declined to run.
        No other credible candidates having declared.

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