Sandra Fluke smacked back into place wrt Henry Waxman’s seat.

That would be my guess, at least.

Democratic attorney and activist Sandra Fluke has decided against running for retiring Rep. Henry A. Waxman’s congressional seat, instead planning a bid for the state Senate.


Fluke said she plans to run for the state Senate seat currently held by Ted Lieu, who is running for Waxman’s congressional seat.

But it was almost certainly foolish of her to think that the (mostly male) people who have been waiting to move into Waxman’s seat were going to let any parvenu useful idiot just cut ahead in line.  Not that Fluke is likely to win that Senate seat, either – but it’s a much more realistic seat for her to reach for, and fail to grasp.

Via Jonah Goldberg.


8 thoughts on “Sandra Fluke smacked back into place wrt Henry Waxman’s seat.”

      1. I have it on good authority from people living in Renee Ellmers district that…it isn’t Clay Aiken…it’s Glay Achin’. (Don’t ask) And Glay stands little chance of succeeding in that district.

  1. Well, then. She’s more intelligent that I thought. The more obvious path would have been to push forward until thwarted and then cry sexism.

  2. Too bad. The jokes write themselves.
    I was ready to enjoy the circus.
    And throw bread, naturally.

  3. It’s a shame: Lieu is my state senator, and I was looking forward to voting for anyone but Fluke, but, as of this election, I’m redistricted to another Bluer-than-blue district. So, I’ll just watch from the sidelines. It’s not like *any* of them really represent me. :/

    I do think the Avatar of Julia does have a decent shot at the state senate seat, however. The names mentioned so far aren’t real power players, and she’ll pull good money in from state organizations. I suspect a deal was made to shunt her to the office Lieu’s vacating. I’ll be certain of it if he endorses her for the primary.

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