@BarackObama ‘offers’ to stay out of 2014 Senate races.


President Barack Obama has told Senate Democrats that he’s willing to stay away from election battles where his presence would not be helpful, a Democratic source said — an apparent nod to his poll numbers.

Obama’s comments came when he and former President Bill Clinton attended the Senate Democrats’ issues conference at Nationals Park on Wednesday.

Sources at the meeting said Obama assured Democrats that maintaining control of the Senate is his top priority this year.

Well, I suppose that ‘offers’ is a more diplomatic way of putting it than, say, ‘told.’

Moe Lane

PS: Sometimes I wonder whether the VRWC is the only real faction left that still takes President Obama seriously as a political player.  The evidence that his own party does is starting to underwhelm.

PPS: The GOP actually has a vote about whether Barack Obama gets to stay out of the Senate races.  Since CNN brought up, and everything.

5 thoughts on “@BarackObama ‘offers’ to stay out of 2014 Senate races.”

  1. The problem with the VRWC, is that we can’t tell if Obama is a certified genius or an authentic wacko (classical reference). I think he’s a bumbling fool who walks and acts that he is a chessmaster. He is trying to do stuff, that will just blow up in his face in the end.

    1. What I keep returning to is this: could a bumbling fool do as much damage to America as Obama has? The legislative tonnage that has been spewed out of DC the last 5 years. The continued expansion of the Executive at the expense of the other two branches. The politicization of the DoJ, IRS, NSA. The monetary policy (oh, the monetary policy). The polarization of American citizens. Regardless of what he says in public, Obama has been relentless in expanding the reach of the State. And he has been wildly successful, much to our dismay.
      Hillary underestimated him. McCain underestimated him. Romney still doesn’t know what happened. The media still salivate at the sound of Obama’s voice, despite the way he treats them (the only thing about Obama that I like, btw). I can’t subscribe to the bumbling fool theory. Not yet, anyways. 😉

      1. “What I keep returning to is this: could a bumbling fool do as much damage to America as Obama has?”
        Yes, because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Take the ACA for example: We call it ObamaCare, but in all honestly, he didn’t write a line of the bill and screwed up implementing the act. This is just one of many examples. He can get elected, sure, but he can’t govern himself out of bed.

        1. “govern himself out of bed” LOL
          I just think a bumbling fool would make a few decisions that would help out the country (in the way that conservatives think would help out the country). Has he bumbled into any such decisions? Name a few, and I’ll lean toward the “bumbling fool” theory.

  2. I’m *sure* his narcissistic inclinations wouldn’t cause him to withhold Organizing For America funding from those politicians who don’t want to be seen with him.
    Especially with Hillary embargoing funds from Priorities Action USA.
    I need more popcorn.

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