I have added goals to my Patreon page/experiment…

…in a fashion that hopefully suggests that I am taking the idea of Patreon seriously. I’ve decided to add goals that would both provide interesting content to my readers, and keep me from constantly having a lopsided writing ratio of six political posts to two non-political ones (a real problem in an election year).  We will, as I said, see: I’m calling this an experiment for a reason…

5 thoughts on “I have added goals to my Patreon page/experiment…”

    1. Recommendations are always welcome; links to free stuff, likewise. Promotional copies will be treated the same as I would anything that I get in the mail; no promises for a review, but it doesn’t offend me.

      1. 😉 When it comes time to hit you up for a review, I shan’t be bashful. (One day, I *will* finish that novel. I just wouldn’t advise holding your breath waiting for that to happen.)
        I was actually thinking that I’ve built a few RPG campaign settings that I’m unlikely to run again. And that it wouldn’t take a whole lot of work to put them in a format someone else might find useful. I’d be willing to donate them to the cause. (At the rate of “whenever I happen to get around to it”, of course.)

        1. Well, I think that the problem there is that if they’re based on copyrighted material then the original owners of that material would retain sole right to resell ’em (lots of game companies are fine with people doing fan stuff, as long as no money changes hands).

          1. Well, obviously.
            But why would anybody do that? We have thousands of years of history and folklore to mine, and themes uncounted to juxtapose in interesting ways.

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