Motherboard (Vice) thinks that Democratic voters are stupid!

That’s the only way I can make their objection to the NRCC’s parody campaign sites work, in terms of basic logic. I mean, it’s blatantly obvious that the site is a parody…


Red boxes mine.  And, again: it’s blatantly obvious that this is a parody site, given that the website makes it clear that donating money is going to go to the defeat of the candidate in question. But apparently elements of the Left have internalized the idea that their own voters are idiots who can’t read a website, and will click any button on cue like so many drug-addled pigeons.

…That is a horrible thing to say about many perfectly intelligent and rational Democratic voters*, and Paul S Ryan of the decidedly partisan Campaign Legal Center (amicus brief against Citizens United) and Joseph M. Birkenstock (former chief counsel of the DNC) should apologize immediately for supporting Motherboard’s vicious attack against rank-and-file Democrats. I am amazed that they are so willing to drag their own names across the mud like this, in fact. Do they actually hate Democratic voters? – For it would explain much if these Lefty groups did, alas.


Moe Lane

*Including, by the way, my own mother.  I do not appreciate Motherboard attacking my mother.

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  1. You seem to forget that is how the Democrat Brain Trust works, Moe. They do think we’re all stupid and can’t take care of ourselves, so big government is their answer.

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