My official statement on the Copenhagen ‘baby giraffe culled, fed to lions’ thing.

I do not, in fact, object to a zoo giraffe being ‘culled,’ per se.  There was apparently a giant to-do over the entire thing; and while I understand the ‘save the cute baby giraffe’ impulse the zookeepers have a point: zoo animals have a bit of a genetic bottleneck situation going on.  And if you’re going to kill an animal, you shouldn’t just throw it away afterward. Lions, in point of fact, eat giraffes (when they can): it is not unreasonable thing to feed them freshly-killed giraffe meat.



Given my tagline and avatar, I retain the right to be slightly horrified at the idea of bringing the kiddies in to watch the giraffe get autopsied and butchered. You will all simply have to accommodate me on this.


Moe Lane


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