11 thoughts on ““In Summer.””

  1. Let it go! Let-
    Oh, curse you Moe! *mumbles to self about how that song will be stuck in his head for next three days as he walks out of thread*

        1. In this case, that’s appropriate.
          He’s deconstructing “Let It Go” and “Let Her Go”, and then forging them into a single song.
          Surprisingly, he pulls it off. It’s every bit the earworm that the source materials are.

  2. I think you’ll enjoy it…Olaf the Snowman is nowhere near as prominent despite being featured heavily in the trailers, and, to my relief, turned out to be rather endearing than annoying. The male chorus of the icecutters at the beginning is frickin’ awesome, and the gal who sings Elsa’s role has a fabulous set of pipes.

  3. My kids LOVED it.
    I thought it was very good, for a musical. It’s worth the price of admission.
    DVD comes out in mid-March. My wife has the date circled on her calendar.

  4. You need to go. I took my kids to see it expecting a rather stupid and funny movie; the trailers were all Olaf and the reindeer getting his tongue stuck on ice. Instead, the movie was a genuine treat. And Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” was tremendous. Not only was it musically great, the context of it within the movie was amazing.

    It’s a definite DVD purchase, but you should see it on the big screen to get the full effect.

  5. Went and saw it with a theater full of 6-10 year old boys in cub scouts and they all loved the movie. It is definetly not the typical princess movie.

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