I… am an endnote in a nonpolitical book.

Shakespeare and Modern Culture. This is… this is the single most bizarre thing that has happened to me today.

I can’t actually see the passage that referenced my original post, but said post is here: it was part of my cheerful observation to the netroots that Lieberman felt no obligation to help out the CT Democratic party, given that CT Dems had just denied him the nomination.  Alas, we lost those House seats… but Lieberman stayed a Senator, which is largely why we didn’t lose the GWOT in 2007.  So I’m going to score that as a win.

Also: I’m source material!*  I hope the author didn’t rip me a new one for that post (as I said, I can’t see the passage that it’s referencing). Hopefully not; it doesn’t look like that kind of book.

Moe Lane

*That’s insane!


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