I was gonna write something involved about Gary Miller (R) retiring…

…but I’m exhausted.  Suffice it to say that this doesn’t change the calculus of the 2014 House election cycle in any way at all; Rep. Miller won in 2012 because the Democratic party managed to redraw his seat into one that was far more Democratic-friendly.  Too Democratic-friendly: the Democrats swarmed the jungle primary and split up the vote to the point where Rep. Miller and another Republican managed to be the two top candidates. Which meant, of course, that the seat was going to go Republican any which way in that election.

Alas, California Democrats reportedly learned their lesson from that entertaining fiasco, and pretty much everybody expected Miller to lose this go-round (apparently including Gary Miller). Can’t say I blame him much, either: his winning last time was enough of a Hawaiian good-luck symbol to the Democrats who gamed the redistricting system to satisfy honor, methinks. I know, I know: I usually want to fight out every district. As I said: I’m exhausted.  Up too late last night on the San Diego thing, remember?

Moe Lane

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