…OK, this is weather kind of worth freaking out about.

We’re supposed to get anywhere up to a foot dumped on this part of Maryland over the next couple of days, which is going to play merry hell with my weekend plans. But that’s all right; I figure that tomorrow there will be pancakes.

Stay safe, folks. That means, STAY OFF OF THE ROADS.

3 thoughts on “…OK, this is weather kind of worth freaking out about.”

  1. Here in Portland, we’re just getting over having a foot of snow dumped on us. Lucky me, the way the wind sets in my neighborhood meant I had to shovel 18-24″ of drifted snow off my driveway.

  2. A while back, AOSHQ tried to start an internet meme about “making pancakes”. I doubt that is your meaning here; but if it is then I give you a wink, a fist pump and wish you the very best of luck.

  3. Just to let you know – here in sunny Moscow on the Colorado, weather.com shows highs of 67, 76, 74, 78 and 82 for the five-day forecast…

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