Huh. @alfranken is a big-time #NSA surveillance supporter?


WASHINGTON — A vocal proponent among US Senate liberals for controversial National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance efforts says the program could be shut down, and experts are unsure how many Americans’ phone numbers have been gathered.

Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota, one of the few proponents of the NSA data-collection programs among Democratic progressives, said Wednesday he is “not assuming” that lawmakers will opt to “keep the bulk collection.”

“Vocal,” even.

Moe Lane

PS: Actually, Al Franken’s opinion is utterly irrelevant to me, and more or less anybody else: even when he was part of a super-majority Harry Reid never let him anywhere near the keys, shiny red buttons, or indeed anyone else.  I just really enjoy the notion of telling progressives that giving Senator Franken money means giving him more opportunities to stick up for the NSA.

Hey, just because it isn’t my Devil-Figure of the Week…


10 thoughts on “Huh. @alfranken is a big-time #NSA surveillance supporter?”

        1. Nope. But Franken’s problem here is that he’s a third tier possibility in an environment where the first tier is a smoking ruin and the second tier is on fire.

          1. McFadden has raised 1.5 million already. I don’t know why people think he’s not serious.

            1. Sorry, man, I’m not exactly Michael Barone or Sean Trende, here: I don’t have every race for every state in my head simultaneously. 🙂

  1. Seem to recall one of the last Al Franken bits on SNL, where it was clear he’d lost his funny, had him running around with a helmet-cam and a satellite dish on his head ..
    Apparently, he thinks we should all live like that character, constantly connected and observed…

  2. During the Shutdown, Franken held a fundraiser with a bunch of Celebrities. McFadden is making an issue with it.

    1. The single most effective weapon against Al Franken is humor .. this is true of most libs, of course, but against Franken, it’s like a +4 flaming sword or something.

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