I just started Broken Age…

…as it has been, frankly, a stressful weekend here at Chez Lane and I needed a distraction.  So far… Broken Age is pretty good. I’ve never really done point-and-click games, so I don’t perhaps understand why fans of point-and-click games all seem to be jumping up and down for joy at the interface*; but it’s a nice little story and I do like that it’s the girl that’s apparently got to go out there and kill a monster, while it’s the boy who has to break out of the maddeningly restrictive constraints that a patronizing tyrants has placed on his life.  Novel.

Trailer below:

…Zero Punctuation had a NSFW review of it that is also highly entertaining, if not particularly complimentary.

Moe Lane

*Apparently being given 3.34 million up front buys you some interface.