Quote of the Day, Senate Democrats Revisit Their Horrible Proms edition. #obamacare

John Sununu – who lost a Senate election in 2008, as he freely admits later in the article – may have just a touch of the ol’ schadenfreude showing in this article:

The giddy electoral success of 2008 has been tempered by the harsh political reality of 2014. Implementing Obamacare, the president’s signature legislative achievement, has been a logistical nightmare; millions of families have lost their insurance coverage; and Obama’s approval ratings have fallen below 40 percent. “Dance with the one that brought you,” the saying goes, but when you are a Senate Democrat stuck with the wrong prom date, there’s only one thing to do: hide in the bathroom.

Note that I do not disapprove. One of the few pleasures of the Obamacare debacle is that we have rarely seen such a lopsided assignment of responsibility as we have here.  Republicans up and down the line adamantly told people that this was going to be a disaster, and the Democrats took it as an opportunity to go all-in.  If Obamacare had turned out to be a brilliant success the Republican party might not have survived the experience; as it stands, the Democrats will be smarting from the negative reinforcement for the rest of the decade.

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  • midwestconservative says:

    I really wish John Sununu was running. Instead of Scott Brown. One of only 3 GOP Senators to score a perfect 100% from the Club for Growth in 05.
    Oh Well, he apparently favors trolling Boston Globe readers more then running for Senate.
    I do like how the comments section apparently boils down to “nuh ah!!” from the left with frequent mentions of “Boooosh”
    And “GOP obstructionism”

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