The RGA is wasting no time in the Wisconsin Governor’s race.

Conservative Intelligence Briefing reminds me that the RGA carpeted-bombed the Mary Burke campaign today:

Short version: 130K jobs lost, 3 billion shortfall under Burke and Governor Doyle, Burke’s family’s company outsourced jobs to the Chinese (it’s that last one that’s gonna hurt worst in Wisconsin). Welcome to the 2014 election cycle!  …Hope you don’t blanch at the sight of a good blood splatter.

Moe Lane

PS: David Freddoso at the link above is legitimately concerned that people not think that Scott Walker is going to have a cakewalk. He won’t.  David and I are both reasonably certain that Walker is going to win, but the dumbest thing that people could do right now is to not worry about this race.

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  1. For those who are wondering about donating to the construction of the Throne of Skulls now, or waiting for 2016 .. now.
    It’s simple – any money left in the fund after the 2014 election will roll over.

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