The inevitable “Guardians of the Galaxy trailer” post.

I’ve been sent, linked, Tweeted, and/or otherwise notified about this trailer since early this morning, because people know me.

As to my reaction: well, as I told Constant Reader BigGator5, there’s no middle ground for this flick.  Awesome, or stupid.  Which isn’t a bad sign, because I said the same thing about Pacific Rim.

Moe Lane

PS: Maybe stupid awesome, though. On the one hand, it’s got a raccoon with a machine gun and a buddy who’s a tree. Then again, it’s got a raccoon with a machine gun and a buddy who’s a tree. As you may have guessed, I didn’t read this particular Marvel comic line…

4 thoughts on “The inevitable “Guardians of the Galaxy trailer” post.”

  1. I think it’s going to be awesome!
    Karen Gillan, a recent Dr Who companion, plays Nebula in the movie. She’s that blue bald chick you see flashing in a couple of scenes. Can’t wait!

  2. The Raccoon seems normal enough, will bust out of any confinement, will attempt to operate any vehicle it can gain entry to, and don’t leave firearms laying around where one can get to the trigger. Like I said a normal raccoon. Luckily they’re lousy shots. Oh and be very careful around any raccoon that’s been drinking all the ones I’ve run into were very belligerent when drunk.

  3. Minor titles are generally pretty good. They’re generally allowed to tell a story, with a minimum of executive meddling, until they’re scheduled to be canceled. Which gives the writers a chance to actually write an *ending*.
    It’s the midlist comics that get shanghaied into every meta-arc that’s affecting their universe. (What happened to DC’s Teen Titans last year was a case in point. They had a good, solid story going, then A Death in the Family and Forever Evil–as well as an inter-dimensional Superman arc–sidetracked them for the better part of a year.)

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