Trailer: “The Last Ship” series.

I normally don’t post on TV shows, but then: usually TV shows aren’t about a Navy ship trying to avert a plague apocalypse by finding the cure, not to mention being directed by Michael Bay.

Also, as the Tweet (and H/T) below note The Last Ship has a Twitter-buddy of mine in it*.


So I may make the effort to catch this one.

Moe Lane

*What? Oh,sorry: Adam Baldwin. Good guy: never met in person, but I figure that I’ll run into him at a convention (of whatever flavor) eventually.

2 thoughts on “Trailer: “The Last Ship” series.”

  1. Hmm. The one-ship-trying-to-stop-a-plague bit reminds me of Babylon 5: Crusade, also from TNT … which canceled it before even broadcasting any episodes. Let’s hope TNT do better by this production.

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