This is a disquieting picture. #venezuela

The implications are alarming.

For those without access to the picture, it’s a garden hose that has had long nails embedded into it: the item is designed to seriously wreck the day of any motorcycle attackers – which is a real thing. And if there’s one of them, there’s probably more, too.  All of which suggests that things are about to get even more confrontational in Venezuela.

I really don’t know how prepared we are for that.

Moe Lane

PS: Well, I too certainly hope that the damned thing never gets used.  But it still exists.

8 thoughts on “This is a disquieting picture. #venezuela”

  1. ¡Viva la Revolución!
    (Forget it Jake. It’s Chinatown.)
    Sadly, most of Latin American has a love affair with Communism, with all the blood and grief that entails.
    I’d love it if they would stop doing this to themselves. But if you’ve got an idea of how to persuade them, you’re one up on me.
    I think most people are prepared for one set of foreigners to do something unpleasant to another set of foreigners in a far-off land. It’s not like it’s an uncommon occurrence.

  2. I think it helps to understand how ubiquitous motorbikes are in South America. A former colleague who moved to Costa Rica says they’re used for everything including hauling *construction materials”.
    Pouring the foundation for a new casa involves four or five guys on bikes riding up a narrow trail with a couple bags of concrete mix, then riding back down to get more.

  3. As I’ve always said: “take away people’s access to firearms and you really might not like what they come up with as an alternative.”

    1. This is actually pretty darn clever. Caltrops are trivial to make; just twist two nails together, or put a nail through a hole in a piece of metal big enough to keep the nail pointing roughly up. This has the advantage of being able to be placed more carefully, and also it can be picked up easily, which is not the case with caltrops.

  4. It may even be nastier than we see. I notice that the end appears melted shut so they may be filling them with gasoline so they can set them on fire easy. Clever and very nasty.

  5. Heh: “LEARN HOW TO MAKE A DRAGON TAIL # MERIDASUR. This is what awaits the Tupas*.”
    So it’s a link to an instructional video… just in case murder and mayhem don’t come naturally enough.
    * El Movimiento Revolucionario Tupamaro….The English Wikipedia page seems sanitized, and I can’t read the Spanish, but I can make out “tendencia marxista-leninista” and “narcotraffico”….
    Better go and watch that instructional video, because the Tupas would seem to find murder and mayhem quite natural!

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