@Slate, heal thyself.

It’s not that I don’t object to the sentiment (i.e., that we’re starting the 2016 campaign too early and obsessively focusing on things)…


…it’s just that Slate is pretty much an integral part of the problem. Mote, beam, eye, you know the drill.

Moe Lane

PS: If that’s the best that they can do against Scott Walker then Slate is going to end up hating the 2016 election season even more than they think.

2 thoughts on “@Slate, heal thyself.”

  1. In reality this could be Slate’s Rathergate ( as well as every other Left-wing publication)
    The impotent hatred they have for Walker is quite similar to what they had for President Bush ( as opposed to “compassionate” Gov Bush)
    and Reagan ( throughout his political career)

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