The @nytimes would like you ‘climate-change deniers’ to die now, please.

To quote SM Stirling: the Times apparently feels that your national destiny should be fertilizer.


That’s from an otherwise dull and uninteresting ‘comic’ on what you should do with your spare icicles. A screenshot of said comic can be found here and here: I note them because there’s a pretty decent chance that the original will get memory-holed soon. Then again, maybe not: these people kind of mean it**.

Two more things that I’d like to note about this.  One, Ed Driscoll (H/T, by the way) is quite right when he notes that the Left would be going absolutely spare if the situation was reversed***.  Two… I personally do not go around telling my political opponents that they should be ‘dispatched’ by being stabbed in the chest.  So I take it a little personally when a major metropolitan paper publishes a cartoon that explicitly requests that such a thing be done to me.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*When the NYT brags that their newspaper have no ‘funnies:’ they mean it, sir.

**To be fair, Watts Up With That? has gotten at least one climate change believer squirming a little, and with good reason.

***Where Ed’s example breaks down, of course, is that mainstream members of the Right do not say Hey, let’s take our political opponents, line them up, and kill them! And the fools that do say such things do not have the luxury of having their hate speech put on approving display by a major member of the print media.

6 thoughts on “The @nytimes would like you ‘climate-change deniers’ to die now, please.”

  1. Kind of hard to convince anyone your intentions are benevolent when you make jokes about killing people who disagree with you.

  2. Really, NYT? You like to claim people like us are simplistic, gun-owning knuckle draggers and you advocate violent action against us.
    Might wanna rethink that approach.

  3. Coulda been worse.

    She might have drawn a picture of that guy’s state and then overlayed it with a bull’s-eye.

    So, at least we know that she knows where to draw the line.

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