So, I’ve figured out how to keep Marco Rubio doing stuff we’d all approve of..

Piss him the hell off.

Fourteen minutes’ worth of Cuba apologists’ guts being made into garters, including the apologists in Congress. Oh, my, yes, most assuredly the apologists in Congress. Watch it even if you’re still mad at Marco: you probably won’t stop being mad at him, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that Tom Harkin is quietly seething because there’s no way he can match Senator Rubio’s ability to put the rhetorical boot in.

Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “So, I’ve figured out how to keep Marco Rubio doing stuff we’d all approve of..”

  1. I was hoping there would be positive confirmation that your flowchart of partisan zen had reached his offices.

    That would have another way to keep him on the correct notes.

  2. I will forever have a man crush on Rubio.
    I’ve said this a couple of times, I like to see Rubio sit out the 2016 Presidential election (get re-elected to the Senate, of course) and instead run for Florida Governor in 2018. If he serves all of that, then he’ll be ready for anything.

    1. Agree, Gator.
      The main problem I have supporting any of the “young firebrands” in the Senate is that they haven’t got any executive experience between ’em. Rubio running Florida would put him *ahead* of Cruz and Lee in my book.

      1. He’s ahead of Cruz and Lee in my book due to his being the Speaker of the FL House of Reps before becoming Senator and also foreign policy.
        Still low on my overall list however.

  3. He still has a ways to go to earn his way back into my good graces. This is a good step in that direction, but I will not easily forgive the amnesty betrayal. At least now I can conceive of the possibility.

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