The upcoming GWB art exhibit at the GWB Presidential Library.

I mention this not because I’m going to go (it’s in Texas)…

…but because the hostile commentary about it is remarkable for the tones of desperation and weariness that cling to said commentary. Five years after the man left office, the people who remain firm Bush-haters are, by and large, the ones who have built their entire lives around hating one man. If they let go, they will have noting left with which to give their souls meaning and drive.

It’s horrible, of course. But it’s also a warning. In less than three years the current President will be out of office. When that day comes, let him get the f*ck out of your life and move, as they say, on. Don’t be the guy or gal who sits in their own hate in a darkened room. You’re better than that.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m not really fond of GWB’s human portraits, but this bird is nice. I may get it for my mother for Christmas, because I want to see her reaction (she simultaneously can’t stand the man, and deeply approves of his forays into painting).

9 thoughts on “The upcoming GWB art exhibit at the GWB Presidential Library.”

  1. The real damage comes a generation or so later, when everything is still “because Boooosh!” but they’ve stopped saying it because it sounds as loony as it is.
    Put another way, check the markers and, until recently a good bit of “because Nixon” was still in the water.
    On both sides.

    1. The Generation after that will be saying “Because Obama”
      And that will last as long as Carter being the worst President did.

    1. The kids are in school right now and I’ve *been* to Texas in the summer. Virtually all of my ancestors came from an island where the weather is cool, rainy, or cool and rainy. 🙂

      1. If you’re going to visit again, do it now, during one of the two 6 week periods that it’s actually pleasant in Dallas.

      2. Come over Christmas break; then is should be sufficiently drear and cold. As cold as it’s been this winter, you may be able to come over the kid’s Spring Break (assuming they are of that age) and still avoid my nemesis (the Sun).

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