I should just give up and admit it: the posting schedule is shot.

Lingering sickness, new video games, and of course the nagging worry that we’re about to see a shooting war in Eastern Europe that might end with Russian tanks parked next to the Polish border and hey, let’s get rid of the A-10 Warthog once and for all!

…Sorry. That last part is particularly galling because, dammit, we warned people that this stuff could happen.  And damned if I don’t know how this stuff is going to end, either; alas, I made the mistake of not going to Yale, so nobody in the federal government cares what I think…

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “I should just give up and admit it: the posting schedule is shot.”

  1. If you could admit that your schedule is shot, perhaps the President could admit to being neglectful of foreign policy and look to advice from Romney and McCain, as Palin predicted he would have to do…

  2. Heh. You admit to having a life, and to not being infected with the damaging thought-virii that somehow keep the media and government elite from seeing the obvious…
    The only good news, and it is merely potentially good, is that elections have consequences.
    Eventually, the technocrat scourge will be voted out. Again. Then we can rebuild.

    1. In order to be technocrats, wouldn’t they have to be competent first? I’ve seen no evidence that any of these clowns can pour piss out of a boot even with the directions on the heel.

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