So I hear that Texas Democrats are about to nominate a LaRouchie for TX-SEN.

Oh, yeah, like that’s not going to be awkward.

Texas Democrats are scrambling to can stop a controversial pro-impeachment, anti-ObamaCare candidate from advancing in their party’s Senate primary.

Winning the general election is long shot for any nominee. But with Democrats optimistic about a resurgence in the Lone Star State and their chances in the governor’s race, Lyndon LaRouche acolyte Kesha Rogers could damage those hopes if she even advances to a runoff on Tuesday.

Such a scenario once seemed like a long shot, but a University of Texas-Texas Tribune Internet-based survey late last month showed the controversial candidate outpolling two better-funded and well-endorsed opponents, dentist David Alameel and attorney Maxey Scherr.

Mind you – and contra the Hill – the Democrats aren’t about to win the Governor’s race this fall.  And I would suggest that the people who let this situation arise in the Democratic primaries… are wonderful people who shouldn’t change a thing.  Well done, folks.  Well done.

Moe Lane

PS: No. Really. I am terrified of the Democrats in Texas now.  They can even repeat that, I am so despondent…

5 thoughts on “So I hear that Texas Democrats are about to nominate a LaRouchie for TX-SEN.”

  1. We actually had a LaRouchie Democrat run hard up here in the Michigan 11th Congressional race for their primary back in ’12. He pulled over 40% as I recall. With something like no money.

    Democrats seem to have issues with who Democrats like to select in primaries, it seems.

  2. Not only is Kesha Rogers a LaRouche Democrat, she’s a Black LaRouche Democrat! In another time and place, I’d be rooting for her to win the general election just to see Dems heads explode.

  3. Is it possible to convince enough Republicans to go vote for her so we can *make* this happen?
    Alvin Greene 2.0 would be fun to watch.

  4. I freely admit that I do not grok the whole “LaRouchie” thing.
    AFAICT, it’s a bunch of leftist attacking other leftists for not being leftist enough. (Which is both expected and trite.)
    The only thing that seems slightly abnormal is that the Larouchies are honest about their beliefs and aims.

  5. If God is good he will make this woman the Donks’ candidate. Please dear God!!!!

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