Testing out the Kindle Fire HDX right now…

My first, tentative response?  It’s not an iPad.  When I said this aloud, my wife looked at me and said Well, yes. It’s a Kindle.

…Which is true, but what I meant there was that for some reason I expected to be able to get Kindle versions of Goodreader and iBooks, which is a little silly when you think about it. I am also not exactly sure how to get third-party .mobi formats out of the Download folder and into the main menu.  But I’ve had the blessed thing for all of three hours; I’m sure that I’ll figure it out.

Moe Lane

PS: Thank you to everybody who ever bought on Amazon.com through my site, thus giving me the money I needed to buy this.  That includes those people who thought that they were being funny by buying items that they no doubt fondly thought I would think were inappropriate.  Cash on the barrel-head, boychiks.  It all spends the same.

PPS: Suggestions on how to use this new toy welcome, of course.

3 thoughts on “Testing out the Kindle Fire HDX right now…”

  1. My first advice is to check out the Amazon App Store every day. They always have a free app of the day. I have about a 25% download rate and keep about half of those, but it’s totally free, so no real risk. The first couple reviews of each app will let you know if they are smuggling in any adware or other nasty tagalongs.

    As far as the other files, have you tried emailing them to your Kindle-specific email address? I’ve done that with third party PDF books (Baen stuff, I think) and it just popped up in the carousel the next time I got on.

    So far, my favorite apps are:

    1. HBO Go (of course, useless if you don’t have HBO or access to someone else’s login)
    2. The Amazon Prime video library
    3. Slacker Radio (again, needs subscription)
    4. Jetpack Joyride (fun little free-to-play endless runner)
    5. Relax Melodies Premium (great noise machine; tons of options)

  2. I’m less impressed with the free apps, although Rebuild was on there once. On the other hand, I have about a zillion free books downloaded to my fire. There are some sites that filter through the large number of free Amazon books daily, if you’re interested.

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