Democrats yelling at each other over immigration. :flatly: Such a shame. Really.

I would have loved to have heard this conversation:

The White House is finding itself increasingly on defense over deportations of undocumented immigrants, as key Democrats and a top immigration reform group have gone public this week with their desire for President Barack Obama to act.

National Council of La Raza President Janet Murguía called Obama the “deporter-in-chief” in a major speech Tuesday, leading to angry phone calls from senior White House officials — including adviser Valerie Jarrett — according to three people familiar with the calls.

Jarrett told Murguía that Obama was “very disappointed” with the statement, the sources said.

Particularly the point where Murguía replied So what, Jarrett? …Because that would have been my response.  Barack Obama’s influence on American politics will probably extend past the end of his term: Valerie Jarrett would be well advised to hop a freight car and sneak out of town on January 19th, 2017.  There’s gonna be a lot of people from her party that will want to settle all Family business the second she’s no longer protected by a sitting President.

But back to the matter at hand. Remember when immigration reform was supposed to be this killer political app for Democrats? – Yeah, it turns out that you can kick that particular can down the road for a while longer before it will become an issue.  Go figure – and no moral here, except of course for the evergreen Things that are important to people on the Internet are not necessarily as important to people in general. 

As I said.  Evergreen.


Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “Democrats yelling at each other over immigration. :flatly: Such a shame. Really.”

  1. In fairness, as head of the executive branch, “deporter in chief” is actually technically his job

    1. And isn’t it a shame that being fair that way doesn’t do La raza or BHO any favors…?

  2. Wow! Never thought I would side with LaRaza. What an awesome tweet! Howdathunkit?

    ValJar is a flaming piece of work with an over-inflated sense of power and very overrated sense of intellect.

    1. Meh. I’m with Robert Heinlein – “Any organization that calls itself La Raza and doesn’t mean “the human race” is fundamentally racist.”

  3. It must be really grating on La Raza that if they had backed Romney in 2012 they probably would have gotten immigration reform by now. The Repub’s wouldn’t have been happy but they would still have voted for it, so as not to embarrass the new President.

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