Should I be watching True Detective?

This commentary on it is making the show sound really danged interesting, and that’s before they drag Hastur and the Cult of the Yellow Sign in.  It’s just that, you know, I’m way behind on my genre watching as it is.  Who here is watching it?

6 thoughts on “Should I be watching True Detective?”

  1. I’ll switch HBO back on when Game of Thrones starts in April, and I’ll check out TD then. Based on all the comments I’ve read, if it’s not the greatest thing ever, I will be disappointed.

  2. I enjoy the show. I recommend watching it in HD because it really looks beautiful, too.

    The good news if you want to pick it up now is that it’s almost over. You’ll be able to binge watch the whole thing in a single day.

  3. In short…yes. Excellent storytelling…interesting, compelling, thought provoking. If you liked AMC’s “The Killing”, this is better.

  4. I’ve been enjoying it, but as with any mystery, I think it’s still too early to pass judgment. I thought the first season of The Killing was good, and look how that turned out. If you like slow, methodical, dark storytelling you should like what has aired so far, though.

  5. Mario, fair enough…though I also liked a Season 3 of The Killing….and yes, season 2 of the Killing did disappoint….almost like a bad episode of Scooby-Doo.

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