How RedState is different from ThinkProgress.

Well, there are many reasons, but here’s one: if somebody had ever tried to institute this kind of top-down control over what RedState Contributors can or cannot write about, that person would have drawn back a bloody stump where his hand had been. I’m not going to pretend that RS doesn’t have expectations – our most famous one is that all Contributors are pro-life – but here’s the thing: we also have a basic sense of self-worth. And we can be a prickly bunch about our independence.

So I would appreciate it if the Left stopped assuming that everybody else engages in the same behaviors that they do.

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “How RedState is different from ThinkProgress.”

  1. Not long ago Ace asked the question “Are we sure that Jounolist was out of business” or something along those lines. Mostly because he was noticing certain similarities in Leftists’ writings. I guess we have the beginnings of an answer to that question.

      1. Yes, they officially closed down Journolist, so they said, but Ace started noticing virtually they same wording in various articles by different “journalists”he same topic. Kind of pitiful really their not even bright enough to change the wording when the use the Admin’s daily talking points for their articles.

  2. Remember how we all noticed that the lefty bloggers weren’t getting any respect from the Democrats and the White House?
    Turns out you have to have some self-respect first.

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