Two days left on the Florida-19 race.

And here’s a headline that you won’t see every day: “Rand Paul Does American Crossroads Robocall to Thwart Libertarian Candidate in FL-13.”

Sen. Rand Paul is helping Florida GOP candidate David Jolly thwart a Libertarian rival polling at four to seven percent, recording a robocall that touts Jolly as someone who wants to “ensure you, not the government, are making decisions for you and your family.”

The call, funded by American Crossroads, a group former Bush aide Karl Rove helped found, will go out to about 20,000 households. The targets of the call are potential supporters of Lucas Overby, a Libertarian candidate who could take votes from GOP candidate Jolly.

Via Hot Air – and, like them, I am perfectly fine with this. That seat is on the razor’s edge – it shouldn’t be; frankly, we should be losing it* – and while us losing it won’t make Republicans despondent, us winning it will certainly depress Democrats.

Moe Lane

*Barack Obama won that district in 2008 and 2012 (sorry about the dKos link, but David Nir is the go-to guy for calculating this stuff). We don’t have an incumbent for it. We honestly assumed that the seat would be lost.  David Jolly is technically ahead in the polls at the moment anyway.

5 thoughts on “Two days left on the Florida-19 race.”

  1. I honestly don’t know why the Libertarian Party keeps fruitlessly trying to win races. Are they purposely trying to be spoilers or what? They know they can’t win unless they mask themselves as a Republican *coughrandpaulcough*, right?

    1. Well, lets not dump too much on the LP. They are to a fault, worthless as a political institution, but running candidates as spoilers as a way to get influence isn’t an awful strategy to gain relevance. The losing side can try to appeal to their voter base next time to gain votes or the winning side can slip them some cash to continue spoiling the other’s chances. It’s a win/win as long as their voters don’t mind being tools.

  2. Don’t see what the controversy is here. He’s supporting the party that supported him. It’s what he’s supposed to do.

    1. Don’t be insulting. Rand Paul has more in common with the Libertarian Party platform than the Republican Party platform and the fact he is working with his arch-enemy, Karl Rove, is amazing.

      1. Well he recently said that his foreign policy was the same as George H W Bush.
        He also compared himself to Reagan.
        So either he’s a lying POS or his Dad ( who ran against Bush in 88 and left the GOP because of Reagan)
        will disown him.

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