Yes, in fact, under #obamacare people aren’t going to keep the insurance they liked.

I am far too cranky this morning to be able to properly discuss this absolutely absurd attempt by Polifact to cover up both the hardcore partisan biases of its supposedly detached political judges, and its relentless attempts to excuse Barack Obama from the consequences of his own bad behavior with regard to Obamacare.  Suffice it to say that, yeah, Eric Cantor was in fact perfectly justified in saying “The people who have health care and insurance and like it in this country are not going to be able to keep what they have.” They are, in fact, not:

The Obama administration – and, frankly, its sycophants (and I am hoping that they are offended by that categorization, honestly) – made a very bad call: they promised a miracle, apparently in the belief that there were Magical Space Government Gnomes that could deliver miracles on cue. If Polifact and the Democratic party object to the idea that extravagant political promises can crash and burn with higher intensity than modest ones, then perhaps the latter should stop making them. Mind you, I’m arguing against interest, here: stupid political opponents who never learn better are the best kind to have.

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  1. And those few who like their insurance and might be able to keep it will pay more since they and / or their employers will be subject to a 3% tax on insurance premiums and a 2.3% tax on medical devices… these are taxes on costs, not profits… and be forced to pay for insurance that covers services they were willing to live without. The only proven medical savings will be by lowering reimbursement rates for services which will lead to less doctors and institutions who will honor your insurance.

  2. They never intended that promise to be carried out; it didn’t matter to them whether they could deliver or not. The intent was to get Obamacare passed and imposed, believing there would never be enough support to repeal it, leaving their power grab in place.
    So far, the Republican party “elite” have shown they’re right. Promises to “fix” the mess just mean they’ll be putting their names on it, and making it that much harder to repeal.

  3. Fiske must think that his readers like being Donkey Punched as much as he does.

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