Quote of the Day, I Don’t Trust Cargo Cults edition.

John Sexton, noting why he thinks that Ezra Klein’s new Vox… thingy… may not live up to the hype:

Whatever the case, technology is not capable of adding to or subtracting from the list of things that interest human beings.

It’s a relevant quote because, as near as I can tell, the entire concept of Vox orbits around the idea that producing a service (Big Wonkery, essentially) will generate a demand for it. In this particular case, I kind of doubt it …no, not because Jeff Bezos passed on it.  Klein asking for at least ten million guarantees it.  No, the reason that I kind of doubt it is because Bezos didn’t turn around and do the idea himself for about one million.

Because if he did, it’d be honestly more likely to work.

Moe Lane


  • BigGator5 says:

    I got a pair of cargo shorts.

  • Cameron says:

    So we have a big flashy site, an allegedly professionally produced video that introduces the crew and yet no one has a clue what they do.
    I think I’m going to set some money aside when the site collapses and buy the domain.

    • Luke says:

      What they’re going to do: “We read the news, so you don’t have to.”
      All talking points guaranteed approved by the DNC.
      I’m pretty sure the market is saturated. But Barnum’s dictum applies.

    • acat says:

      Out of curiosity, what do you use old lib-magnet domains like that for? Randomly forward to conservative sites?

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